Learning in Kindergarten

What Your Child Be Learning in Kindergarten

1.    To get along reasonalby well with other children.

2.    Take part in games and other school activities.

3.    Act courteoulsy (no interrupting-say "please", "thank you", and "good morning,")

4.    Take responsiblity.

5.    Face problems in a constructive way.

6.    Recognize the eight colors and learn color words.

7.    Be able to follow directions.

8.    Retell a story, following sequences of events.

9.    Recognize words that rhyme.

10.  Follow left to right progression required for reading.

11.   See likeness and differences in objects, shapes, letters, and words.

12.  Develop and appreciation of literature.

13.  Increase attention span.

14.  Recite and recognize alphabet.

15.  Distinguish consonant wounds and sight words.

16.  Recognize and match circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles, and reproduce shapes.

17.  Count to 100.

18.  Count by 5's, 10's, and 100.

19.  Recognize numbers 1-20, recognize number words 1-10.

20.  Idenfity sets, join set, 1-10, form subsets 1-10, and identify 1/2 of something.

21.  Understand first, second, third, etc.

22.  Tell time on the hour.

23.  Develop an appreciation for music.

24.  To use scissors, paints, finger paints, crayons, and other art mediums for self-expression,

       and in the development of fine motor skills.

25.  Print first and last name.

26.  Develop and appreciation and curiosity of their environment.